Hosting Sign-up and Guidelines

The basic purpose of AuroHost is to provide a semi-secure way for AuroTravelers to plan their journeys by connecting with AuroHosts in order to stay with them in their homes for short periods of time. The larger purpose is to foster relationships among Auroville-related individuals throughout the world.

Once you have fully registered as a potential Traveler, go to your profile and click on Host Profile. It is there that you can enter the information about what facilities you want to offer to Travelers, any local attractions and directions to your home, if desired.

Hosts would be expected to provide a bed (or couch) and breakfast to a Traveler or Travelers for a minimum of 2 nights. Additional arrangements could be made between Hosts and Travelers, but as an Aurohost you would not be required to do more than the following:

1. Respond promptly to emails, letters or telephone calls from AuroTravelers;
2. When AuroTravelers visit, explain (or leave a note about) the traveler'€™s responsibilities in the house;
3. Set aside some time to talk and visit with the AuroTraveler(s), especially in light of mutual Auroville experiences; and
4. Provide feedback on the hosting experience to the AuroHost administrator.

Since you as a Host may have a busy life or work and other activities, it is your decision to accept the responsibilities of hosting at any particular time. If the visit is inconvenient, you may decline and may suggest alternative Hosts in the area if known.
An AuroHost can provide information about places to visit in the local area or people to see, but is not required to take guests sightseeing. Of course, the Host may want to spend more time with a Traveler or even arrange a gathering of local people to meet the AuroTraveler(s). This is entirely the decision of the Host.
Consider carefully whether you will be able to accept the responsibilities of being an AuroHost. Many of us have enlarged our network of Auro-connections over the years by informally hosting AuroTravelers. We hope that by creating and using AuroHost the ties will strengthen between all of us involved in Auroville and the yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.