Traveler Information and Guidelines

The basic purpose of AuroHost is to provide a semi-secure way for AuroTravelers to plan their journeys by connecting with AuroHosts in order to stay with them in their homes for short periods of time. The larger purpose is to foster relationships among Auroville-related individuals throughout the world.
As an AuroTraveler admitted to the membership data base you would be able to select a country or countries and search for hosts as you plan your travels. It would then be up to you to initiate contact through email and arrange your stay if the host is agreeable and available for your visit.
AuroTravelers are expected to be good guests. Be prepared to speak about your experiences in Auroville, your Auroville International (AVI) organization or your country. Your Host is expected to provide you with bed and breakfast. In most cases s/he will want to engage with you and offer other opportunities; but it may be that s/he has restricted time because of work or other commitments. Your Host is expected to house you for a minimum of two days so you should only stay longer if it'€™s clear that s/he wants you. After your stay you should provide feedback to the AuroHost Administrator.
The AuroHost experience is meant to connect people in a meaningful way, widening our circles within the network of Auroville, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. As an AuroTraveler you can be both ambassador and guest in the house of your Host(s).